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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
random bits...
~~so, the husband had surgery yesterday and i'm getting to learn first-hand what single motherhood is all about. seriously, though, he had his 'hook of hamate' removed from his hand. it had broken off and was floating around his hand. from a hockey injury, natch. thank goodness it went well, and now that he's all doped up of the percocets (sp?), he's doing okay. but, rightfully so, he's a little out of commission. which means, mommy gives dinner, mommy does bedtime, mommy does mornings (and this morning the boy decided that 6 am was a good time to wake up). it's hard work, man. i'm exhausted.

~~i didn't think i'd see the day, but i think The Apprentice has officially jumped the shark for me. I was bored to tears during Monday's episode, and really didn't give a hoot as to who was getting fired. i do, however, think that Donald Trump needs to lay off the Mensa comments. Just because Tarek's a member of Mensa doesn't mean he's always going to make the most sensible decisions. Geena Davis is in Mensa for god's sake...and we all remember 'the geena davis show' (wait, what? you don't remember it? maybe it's because it SUCKED BALLS).

~~i had forgotten how bad the coffee at work was. or maybe just how good the coffee at starbucks is. this morning i went out to my way to leave for work 10 minutes early so i could stop to get myself some starbucks. i know, priorities...

~~i have a question for all you internets out there. i'm looking to replace my nikon. i've been doing lots and lots of research (because anyone who knows me knows that i research everything to pieces). i had decided on the Canon A620. and then Becca got it. and loved it. and then the woolfs got it. and loved it. so...i actually have a few questions. 1) does anyone out there have the A620 and have any problems with it? is it too bulky? too slow? anything? 2) does anyone out there have a different camera that you love love love? i'm looking for 6 megapixels or higher, and something with relatively no shutterlag. 3) have any of you ever bought a camera on ebay? did you have any problems? a good experience? i'm thinking of going that route, but the husband is soooo super skeptical about it.

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