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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
the Wonder Years AKA American Idol - finals week 1
the great:
Katharine: she sang Until You Come Back to Me. great. really, really great. but, seriously? someone needs to steer the mcphever out of the maternity section. what was up with that dress?
Taylor: he sang Livin' for the City. Taylor is awesome. music in his soul. harmonica in his hand. i love this guy.
Paris: she sang All I Do. she was soooo good. the awesome Paris is back! girl is 17!! 17!
Chris: he sang Higher Ground. Simon said, "Thank God for Chris. This was the only real world performance and I could see you having a hit with that." wow. he's THAT good.

the good:
Elliott: he sang Knocks Me Off My Feet. what? i'm agreeing with Simon? on everything? it was good. no wow factor.
Mandisa: she sang Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing. Ryan takes off her shoes. and i need a bucket. ew. ew. ew. but she sang well. and she looked beautiful. except for the sweating. that grosses me out.
Lisa: she sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered. i thought she was great. nice break from her RPBs (really pretty ballads).

the meh:
Ace: he sang Do I Do. Do they have soft water at American Idol or something? I was not feeling Ace's hair tonight. He needed to be wearing his beanie. mmm..Ace in a beanie...that being said, does it really matter how he sang?
Kellie: she sang Blame It On the Sun. pretty underwhelming. worst i've seen from he yet. country and Stevie Wonder just don't mix.

the bad:
Bucky: he sang Superstition. Jessica Simpson hair-do. bwah! altogether too growly for me.
Melissa: she sang Lately. k - she forgot her lyrics. bad, bad, bad, bad. and her singing wasn't all that great either. disagree with Simon. didn't like it.
Kevin: he sang Part-Time Lover. methinks chicken little has a bad case of the swollen head (he...i said swollen head) sex symbol? ew. arguing with simon? ew. buh bye.

on another AI note. i'm usually NOT a big fan of long hair. i prefer my men with shorter hair (more like Ryan Seacrest and less like Chris Daughtrey though). but Ace? Ace needs to keep his long hair. here are some pics of him with short hair. and i'm getting a creepy Scott Peterson vibe...

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