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Thursday, May 04, 2006
I am a thief. I stole this meme.
I AM: a mother, a spouse, a sister, a daughter, a grand-daughter, a woman, a girl, a teacher, a student, a friend. mostly, i'm a mother.
I WANT: too many things to list here. it's bad.
I WISH: i could go back to school. i loved school. i could totally be a professional student for my entire life.
I HATE: being late. almost as much as i hate waiting for people who are late.
I MISS: when i used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat like a heifer
I HEAR: nothing. my office is WAY too silent.
I WONDER: what our life would have been like if the husband and i had accepted the atlanta job.
I REGRET: that i still think about it
I AM NOT: as assertive as i should be
I DANCE: badly. very very badly.
I CRY: at hallmark commercials. and i'm not afraid to admit it.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice enough to my husband
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: homemade bread that's to die for (actually part of it is made with my kitchen-aid, but i'll count it
I WRITE: important information (phone numbers, addresses etc.) on little pieces of paper and leave them all over my house. i shouldn't do this for several reasons. reason #1 is because my baby eats paper.
I CONFUSE: Portia de Rossi and Drea de Matteo. it's Portia who sleeps with Ellen and Drea who sleeps with the fishes, yes?
I NEED: the school year to be over so i can stop leaving the office twice a week at lunchtime to drive carpool. fucking carpool.
I SHOULD: throw my scale out of my window. but i never will. (i guess now i'll admit that i have, not one, but two scales in my bathroom)
I START: my day looking hot
I FINISH: my day looking much much less hot
I TAG: Jenny, Beth, Gerah, Haley, Megan, and Jaynee and well, everyone, just do it....

I'm a displaced American writer, mom, and wife living in Canada who muses about my life, my kids, my tv watching and my slight obsession with celebrities.
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