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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Mother's Day
well...i got to sleep in until 8:30 - which to those of you who have children that wake up at normal hours, 8:30 is a serious treat. and the gifts from the kids? priceless. Emily made me a jewlery box, which she asked to keep. and she sang me a song. there were tears, folks. it was THAT cute. and Joshua made me a card and a picture frame with a picture of him. ah. to die for. it will be going to work tomorrow.

and then, my sister in law, Sharon treated me to a spa day. ah. it was amazing. 1 hour massage. manicure. facial. she had no idea that this was just what i needed right now. some good old fashion alone time. away from kids. doing something that was all about me. i gave her a giant hug afterward, which she probably found to be weird, since i'm soooo not a hugger (and now that i think about it, she's totally not either), but it was so appreciated.

oooh..and i haven't even mentioned the best part yet. the woman who did my facial did not believe me when i said that i actually was a mother. she thought it was about 18. and she said that i had AMAZING skin and in the last year, she only had one other person who had skin as nice as mine. and she was shocked when i told her that i don't do a thing to my face except wash it every once in a while...which is like, once a week, when i remember. good genes, i guess. thanks, mom.

i'm planning to spend the rest of the night in bed watching grey's anatomy, survivor, and sopranos...and i'll probably eat my weight in peanut m&m's.

so...even though my husband didn't buy me anything (honey...if you are reading....i really want a 1g memory card for my new camera....), it's really been a great day. and it was perfect, coming off of my not so perfect night....

i'm getting too old for horror movies, it seems.
i used to love them. all of them. even the stupid ones.
and i NEVER got scared. well, mostly not.
The Shining scared the absolute shit out of me. several times. come play with us Danny. forever. and ever. and ever.
but i could watch them all. and not have to cover my eyes and not have nightmares.

so, last night i decided to watch The Amityville Horror. not knowing much about the movie, other than Van Wilder plays the lead (so, seriously, how scary could it be?)
let me tell you. i was FREAKED, dude. totally freaked. i needed to watch to the end because i couldn't go to bed without the happy ending. (no...not that kind of happy ending...pervs...)

then, i made a mistake. i looked it up on the internet. and apparently, this actually happened. yes, a man named Ronnie Defeo, who lived in this house on Long Island, murdered his family. his two brothers. his two sisters and his parents. and then, a year later, the Lutz family moved into the Amityville house and fled just 28 days later, claiming the house was possessed by demons.

getting chills?

it gets worse. George Lutz (you know, the real guy, who was played by Van) died this week. just this past week.


i tossed and turned all night. and i couldn't even get out of bed to fix the blinds that were rattling from the wind. i was too freaked.
my god....i'm such a LOSER.

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