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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
crappity crap crap
i'm always the last to know...yessiry. i'm a copycat. Dooce did the clog thing. check it out, because it's hilarious (i was going to write fuckin' but the husband commented about how my blog is full of swearing these days....well, note to said husband, maybe if you didn't leave for a week to go to Israel and leave me with a very sick, possibly whooping cough-ridden child and a child who destroys cameras, i wouldn't need to swear so much...but, i digress). And then, my girl crush, RSM, had to go and be all croc-block-y. so, it's unoriginal to talk about the croc faze that's sweeping the nation. but, it MUST be talked about.

so, every morning for the past week and a half, as i'm desperately trying to escape from the death grips of my children and get out the door ("wait Mama, i need a hug and a kiss!" "just one more" "don't go to work!" "jhoanne isn't giving me froot loops" "i want chocolate milk"), Emily has slipped in a coy, little, "and don't forget to buy my crocs on the way home."

Maya got in the car a few weeks ago, wearing her crocs proudly.
"My bubbie bought these for us. for me and for Kyra. We are the coolest girls in school! i can't believe i have them. Kyra's the first in her class to get them! Emily you NEED them. they are the most popular shoes in the world right now. Emily, you NEED to get them. They are so comfortable. you see these things on the foot part, Ali? They actually MASSAGE your feet!! Can you believe it??!! Emily you NEED to get them."

and, like that, i have a possessed girl. just call her Emily Rose. think we should Exorcise the croc demons within her? here's my take on these things.
Crocs are not cute or sassy or fashionable.
they are UGLY.
they are foam. and have holes all over them.
they are neon. neon, people!!
they are for gardeners. or fishermen. or boaters.
they are girly. i hate to say it, but i laugh my ass off when i see them on men. even if they are black or brown in some lousy attempy to masculine-ize them. they are GIRLY.

but, they certainly are trendy.
and i must admit...i find this curious. what is it about these crocs that are making everyone run to buy a pair??? anyone? anyone? Bueller? anyone want to try to sell me on these ugly things?

my daughter will have at least 3 pairs by the end of the summer.
because i told her to call my mom and ask her for them
and that's exactly what she did.

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