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Friday, June 09, 2006
on the catwalk
My boss, a chronic flat-wearer, is baffled by the fact that i wear heels to work almost every single day. well, she's tall. really tall. so, she doesn't NEED to wear heels.
i, on the other hand, suffer from both short-girl syndrome and looking-like-you're-16 syndrome (both real i tell you!!), and need the heels to give me a little height and to make me look like less of a baby.
yesterday she came by my desk and said, "Alicia, later on we are going to make you run in those." causing everyone who was near to burst into hysterics.
i shocked them all by telling them that there are women who not only RUN in heels, but they also aerobicize in them.
yes, it's true.

The class is called Stiletto Strength.

and it is done, well, in your stilettos. (actually, truth be told, only the last 15 minutes is actually done in heels)

Donna Cyrus, a former Broadway dancer and soap-opera actress, came up with the idea for the "Stiletto Strength" class after hearing women complain about the pain they felt from wearing high heels. So she designed a class that focuses on developing strength in the areas of the body that could help women walk in high heels for longer periods of time and without pain.

She says, "A lot of the exercises are what dancers like the Rockettes or people who do Broadway shows do. They have to be in shoes or high heels sometimes for five shows a day."

Christina Sears, 21, another instructor, says the class is focused on tucking in the abdominals, pulling up and holding one's head high while building leg strength. It's also about feeling good about yourself, feeling strong, and promoting great posture.

i don't know. after a day of walking around the office, climbing up and down the three flights of stairs at work, driving carpool, and chasing after my crawling baby, i just want to take my heels off. and walk around with NOTHING on. (well, nothing on my feet....get your minds out of the gutter)
I can't imagine bringing that discomfort into the gym.
yes, heels are sexy. 100%. but heels at the gym are not. sexy at the gym is a new pair of Nikes and some lululemon pants.
I think i'll stick to wearing heels to the office only. but, sorry boss, there won't be any running happening in them.

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