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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
lovely spam
last night my inlaws took us to see Spamalot.
It was really sweet of them to take us. We used to have a theater subscription, and i loved that fact that with it, we were forced to have a night out 6 times a year. sure, some of the plays were shitty Canadian productions (forced to fill the Canadian content), but some of them were great. i miss it.

but, i had qualms about going. for 2 reasons.
the play is supposed to be based on Monty Python's Holy Grail, a movie i could barely sit through. yes, yes, i am a Monty Python fan. I loved Life of Brian, and often find myself quoting it. "There's no messiah in here. There's a mess alright but no messiah. Now go away!"
i totally get the British humor too. I love Fawlty Towers. Love it.
but Holy Grail? i just didn't find funny. to be fair, we only watched the first 30 minutes, and did enjoy when the french guy called the British guys "pig-dogs"
so, i was nervous that i was going to HATE the play.

the second reason is that i'm sick. my little cold turned into some nasty sinus thing (could possibly be an infection). most of the day i feel like i'm walking in a bubble. i can't hear. my head feels like it's about to explode. and i can't stop blowing my nose. we're talking about one a minute here. and yesterday, on a day that was 100 degress without the humidity, i had a fever. a fever. i had sweats and chills and sweats and chills. i should have been home in my bed.

but, i really didn't want to disappoint my inlaws. it was really sweet of them to buy us tickets. how could i cancel at the last minute?

so, i dragged my sick ass over to their place and we drove down together. i sat in the backseat, praying that i wouldn't pass out. then we went to this resutaruant for dinner. my inlaws rave about this place. vegetarian haven. it's a vegan place that they eat at all the time.
i was shocked at how low-class this place was. not low-class, i guess. just not was i was expecting. dirty silverware. nad service. sticky tabletops. warm water in PLASTIC cups. (plastic is a HUGE no-no for me). but alas, they liked it, so i sucked it up, thanked the lord i had a xanax handy in case of panic attack. the truth is, i couldn't really eat my meal anyway. i can't taste anything these days and just was feeling too crappy to eat. so i didn't.

the play was actually much better than i expected. yes, i did have myself a little nap during part of the show (it was really only about 15 minutes...and i had a freakin' fever folks. i think i am allowed a little latitude here), but the part i saw was quite funny. i did get to hear my pig-dog line, and they stole "always look on the bright side of life" and there was a funny head-butt in the chest (world cup reference) line that i laughed out loud at, ooh..and a little "it's hard out here for a pimp" line.

in the end, i'm glad i went.
but tonight? my ass will be in bed at 8pm. you make book on that missy. (movie? anyone?)

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