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Monday, December 13, 2004
Patience, Young Grasshopper...
okay...due to an unfortunate power outtage at work, my updates have been a little delayed this morning...

Survivor is the reason that there wasn't - and probably never will be - an all-women final four. Women are too emotional and they can't separate these emotions. They can't understand that to actually play this game, you can't become best friends with people, and sit around on your ass all day braiding other women's hair. You need to lie...that's the only way to win.

Here are some thoughts on last night:
~love, love loved Eliza's face when she was voted out. it was asolutely bugg-eyedly priceless. I like Eliza, but what Chris did was smart.
~ Twila's hair at the reunion? what the hell? it resembled some sort of nasty-ass mullet.
~Chris' fiance. there's somethign awfully sketchy there. she said last night that she didn't know he was in the final 2 until last night. that's got to be a lie. the entire world knew he was. methinks that she knew that he won, and was trying not to tell the world that Chris told her (since he's contractually not allowed to tell her...)

Desperate Hosuewives

~i LOVE Bree. I've said this before, but i will say it again, her delivery is fantastic. Bree: Hi, honey. How was school? Danielle: Okay, I guess. Bree: Where does Andrew keep his marijuana? ooh...and the pee. classic.
~Julie and Zack - extra creepy. not sure i'm liking this. and whose body is it? what the heck?
~Lynette and the Nanny. hysterical.
~not exactly 100% sure of my take on Gabrielle/John/John's mom/Susan. I think Gabrielle was stupid to do anything to John in front of his mother. I think she was way to quick to tell Susan the truth, unless she wants it to be foudn out. unless she wants Carlos to know...which is not entirely impossible.

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