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Friday, January 28, 2005
thursday Tv Musings...

favorite line of the night...when Seth calls Caleb, Lex Luther. Can we say dead on?

I'm loving the Summer and Seth chemistry. it makes up for the complete and utter LACK of chemistry between Marissa and Alex. Can we say super boring?

Sandy and Kirsten little love triangle? this is only going to get bad. Can we say Kirsten the drunk?

Lindsay..i'ed him yesterday? wouldn't a normal person have said googled? Can we say product placement?


personally, i completely disagree with Mr. Trump's being impressed that Verna came back. What the hell? she only came back because Carolyn told her to. i was not impressed. she should have been fired. other people didn't sleep or eat either...

okay...bangs girl...Erin, is it? holy hell...she annoys the hell out of me. Maybe it's because she looks like the little girl from the Ring.

Audrey and Angie are my two new faves (even though Angie's hair is slightly on the freaky-deaky side) but they stood up to crazy Kristen (aka Cruella DeVille) and told her to shut the F up. ha!

okay, Brian's just as ass. plain and simple. who tells Donald Trump that he should fire him?

i love Carolyn. "it's a little crunchy" and her eye-roll at the potpourri. priceless.

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