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Friday, March 11, 2005
Four For Friday
1. If you listen to the radio on your way to and from work, do you tune in to the same station each day? How about on your way home... do you listen to a different station than the one you tune in for the morning commute? If you don't listen to the radio, do you listen to tapes or CDs instead? If you listen to tapes or CDs, are there certain genres that you prefer to listen to in the morning verses on the drive home at the end of the day?

every morning i listen to 102.5. it's a Buffalo station and they play this game "star of the day" and i love to listen to it. i like to listen to "garden state" on my way home from work each day. it gives me the warm fuzzies, which is exactly what i need after work.

2. Do you drink coffee or tea on a daily basis? If so, what brand/flavor is your favorite, and, do you find that you drink it because you like it or because you just can’t operate without it?

i love the taste of coffee. you know that you drink it for the taste and not because you can't operate without it when you drink decaf.... I love the flavored coffees - irish cream and french vanilla are my favorites. and i prefer Starbucks to Second Cup, but i'll drink from both places.

3. Peppermint Patty... straight or gay?

Peppermint Patty... let's see... my call is NOT gay. She definitely has a thing for "Chuck." Although, now that i think about it - she's bold and brash, she's a huge tomboy, and she's a good football player. And Marcie does call her "sir". hmm...i may have to rethink my answer...

4. Are there any reoccurring or standalone fictional television or movie characters that you personally identify with? If not, are there any who you wish you could be more like in your own life?

I identify with Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond. She often says things that make both the husband and i say, "You SOOO would say that!"

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