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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
I NEED YOU! (that's for all you people who NEVER comment!)
lifted from Stacy (of course...she's where i get all my good stuff!)

An interactive TV show meme:

a. Post a list of 10 TV fandoms/shows you follow (current or cancelled!)
b. Have your friends list guess your favorite CHARACTER from each show
c. When guessed bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that

1. Survivor - Giblet and Sean were right on this one, but i'll give it to Giblet, since he spelled Stephenie right!! :) i love her. what can i say?
2. Wonder Years - Misty is right. Paul is my favorite. he was the most lovable dork on tv.
3. Beverly Hills, 90210
4. Growing Pains
5. Dawson's Creek - Giblet was favorite is Joey. mostly because she's exactly like i am...
6. The OC
7. Sex and the City
8. Sopranos
9. Desperate Housewives - of's Bree Van de Camp. i love everything about her...from her one-liners (that are so excellantly delivered) to her clothing. love her.
10. Scrubs - Sean and Giblet got JD. this one was a giveaway. i'm in LURVE with ZAch Braff.

****Come one?? no one wants to take a stab?? i'm beginning to understand what Beth is going through with her blog paranoia....

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