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Monday, September 11, 2006
A Bad Case of the Blahs
i don't know what it is. just can't really shake it this morning.

i'm usually not one to admit when i'm feeling down. i'm usually all smiles and all about the "everything's fine."
by nature, i'm incredibly independent (which, most likely is the result of growing up in not one, but two emotionally unattached workaholic families. i didn't really have a choice. either you are independent, or you don't survive) and don't like to rely on others, for anything really.
i like for everyone to think that everything 100% fine, 100% of the time. Sure, i'm Fabulous, but sometimes i just feel shitty.

i guess there's just a lot going on. i'm having some clothes fitting issues (in that they just aren't fitting. at all), i'm having some friends issues (yes, once again), i'm having some web design issues, and i don't even have a freakin' kitchen sink

the good news of the day, though, is that on Wednesday night, i've got tickets to see my Jude in the movie Breaking and Entering at the Film Festival.

the husband better pray that he doesn't want to take me home. he IS on my list, after all.

my BLAHs are completely gone.
it's amazing what a little good news will do for you!
Ro, my designer over at Ciao my Bella, is working so hard on my design today, even though September 11th is a day that hits really close to home for her, and i'm so appreciative. on the lookout for my new site (yes, people, we are getting rid of blogger for good! wahoo!) - it's not done yet, so don't go peeking around just yet...and for those of you who are worried, my good pal Haley has an automatic redirect for me, which will be handy for you until you change all your blogrolls over from I Write, Therefore I Blog to my new site, Cheaper Than Therapy. (ah, don't you just love that name???)

just might be the most hilarious thing i have ever seen in my life.

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