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Friday, September 30, 2005
TV last night...

~ Brianna. "I feel scared because the weak link today was probably me." And if by probably you mean you sucked ass and contributed NOTHING to the challenge, then yes, you were the weakest link. Goodbye.

~ I hate Stephenie this week. Shut. Up. Did she really think people would know what a pick is? Do Lydia and Brianna look like they’d be familiar with basketball lingo? I don’t think so.

~"I like my girls crazy and pretty... and she's neither." Holy cow. That was HARSH

~I lurve Amy. Her accent, not too dissimilar to Bahstan Rahb’s, is classic cop. And she’s awesome. "You have to stick needles in my eyeballs, I'm still not gonna give up” Love her.

~love the howler monkeys.

~114 degrees. I’m shocked that no one passed out. I sure would have.


~Quagmire. Loved that.

~Dennis/Chili was a little too over-the-top, screech-like for me.

~poor Ryan. although i'm getting a little tired of jealous Ryan...

~and in a rather obvious twist of fate…Taylor is doing the dean.

~"He looks angry.” “No, I think that's just his look.”

~"Public School kids, all kids really, are like dogs. They smell fear." Huh? anyone else catch that?


~it was clear that the men would lose as soon as they started acting all cocky. “I guarantee victory" = sure loss. (ha…I said cocky.)

~biggest dumbass move of the evening? bringing only Markus into the boardroom. He did it out of pure arrogance.

~I like Alla...i'm not the biggest fan of her wardrobe...someone worth 12 million dollars should not wear floral. ever.

~love love loved the dig at Omarosa. funny.

~you knew as soon as there was discussion about the "i" vs. "I" and the question mark that those were going to be the downfall of the team. punctuation and grammar people. learn it. and isn't "green with envy" a cliche? isn't that what Chris wanted to avoid?

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