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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Extreme battling make a long and painful story short...i now have free membership at my gym until November of this year. yay for me. now i have absolutely no excuses to get skinny in 2006.

in september of 2004, i prepaid for a year at the gym. in march, i froze it because i wasn't working out while i was pregnant. i just couldn't. the minute i stopped looking good in my workout clothing, i had to cease and desist.

the one thing about my gym that i can't handle is that about 99% of the people working out don't need to work out. they are gorgeous and super fit and always tan and wear makeup to work out. makeup? who does that? i'll tell you. people trying to get picked up. or pick others up. and let me tell you, thursday nights at extreme fitness are more happening than any pub night i've ever witnessed.

so, when the husband came to me in december and said that we had been charged the monthly fee for october and november, i knew something was amiss. i shouldn't have been getting membership was still frozen. so, i went in and naturally (because i'm THAT unlucky) for some strange reason, it never got frozen. great. bring in a doctor's note and you'll be give credit for the months you were charged. easy peasy.

then we got charged for december. and january.

my friend Mark, who worked at the gym and was helping me sort this out, moved branches...and took my story with him. cut to now. FINALLY. we have sorted through this pain in the ass and i was credited and all is good in the world and i'm free to work out with all the hotties until november. now you know where i'll be tomorrow....buying this. i need to fit in, right?????

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