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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
the return of the good, the bad and the meh
AKA American Idol

the good:
Paris - she sang the crap out of Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight. best performance of the night by far. she's so adorable, i just want to give her a good squeeze.
Ayla - she sang Reflection by Christina Aguilera. so much better than i thought she'd be. she sounded great. she does some weird manly thing with her mouth...but generally, i like her.
Mandisa - she sang Never by Heart. i thought it was pretty good. once you look past her size, you realize she's got a great voice.
Lisa - she sang I Am Changing by Jennifer Holiday. the song was too old for her...but she was amazing.
Katharine -she sang Since I Fell For You by Barbra Streisand. i thought it was great. i like her a lot.

the meh:
Kelly - she sang How Far by Martina McBride. She struggled. and was nervous. America will keep her because she's cute and she's got potential.
Brenna - she sang You Are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder. she annoys the hell out of me. and she didn't wow me with her singing talent either.
Becky - she sang Because the Night by 10,000 Maniacs. nothing great about this girl. sure, she's pretty. but that's about it. and the last note? ouch, baby. way ouch.he... the night might belong to lovers...but it didn't belong to her...

the bad:
Stevie - she sang To Where You Are by Josh Groban. and butchered it. i'm not a big fan of hers...i'll agree with Cowell on this one. too much falsetto.
Heather - she sang When You Tell Me that You Love Me by Carrie Underwood? (she said Vonzell last night, though...) not good at all.
Melissa - she sang When the Lights Go Down by Faith Hill. not a fan of pageant girl (the husband wondered if it was a blind pageant...). she was all over the place. how did Paula think she was amazing??
Kinnik - who??? she sang Get Here by Oleta Adams. oooh. she's very very manly, this one. did not like anything about her.

going home on thursday? my guess is Heather and Stevie. or maybe Melissa.
side note: Paula Abdul needs to stop using, "You made it your own" in place of "you sucked balls"
and is there anyone smaller than Ryan Seacrest this season????

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