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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
"One day you'll have to explain to me how that happened" AKA American Idol
i didn't think we could get worse than Stevie Wonder night. but, tonight? was way way boring. my goodness, this should have been the best show. 21st century? there was so many songs these losers could have chosen...and this is what they came up with? i didn't even know half the songs!

the good:
Taylor – he sang Trouble by Ray Lamontaine. I thought he was good. He looked like a weird woman biker this week.
Paris – she sang Work It Out by Beyonce. She sang her heart out a had a gay old time up there. I liked it.
Elliott – he sang I Don't Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw. Best of the night, by far. It was good.

the meh:
Mandisa – she sang Wanna Praise You by Mary, Mary. not feeling her tonight. Usually she’s awesome. Tonight she was just okay.
Chris – he sang What If? By Creed. I think that Chris is in this competition for the recognition and not to win it. He’s hardly an American Idol, but dude can rock. He’s not compromising himself at all. He’s showing who he is (and owning up to the whole Live fiasco from last week) and doesn’t really care what the judged think. That being said, this week was a little too ‘screamy’ for my tastes.
Bucky – he sang Real Good Man by Tim McGraw. Just okay for me. but, that being said, it was the first time i didn't want to kill myself while he was singing, so that must count for something!

the bad:
Lisa – she sang Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. what was she thinking? You don’t sing something makde famous by a former idol winner. There’s no way it will be better. Methinks little Lisa had better pack her bags.
Kellie – she sang Suds in a Bucket by Sara Evans. not great. And she looked really weird.
Ace – he sang Drops of Jupiter by Train – mm..not good this week. And, seriously, can someone tell him he looks hot with the beanie on?? The hair is bugging the crap out of me. Paula babbles about Ace’s scar, and creeps everyone in the audience out.
Katharine – she sang The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera. Not good this week. Really, really sharp. and, yet another disastrous fashion choice.

bottom 3? Lisa, Bucky and Ace.
going home? Lisa

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