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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
the good:
~ Chris - he sang Innuendo. i'm not happy that Chris was wearing as much eye make-up as Kellie, but he rocked the song. It wasn't his best. but, dude is ALWAYS good. even Queen pimped him.
~ Elliott - Somebody to Love. i love me some Elliot. sure, he looks like a big ole' doof...but he takes chances with hard songs and he always delivers.
~Taylor - he sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love. He was having fun up there...embracing his inner spazz...i can't believe Simon asked him if he was drunk...should he be asking Paula that question??
~ Paris - she sang The Show Must Go On. Wow! that was awesome. that should pull her out of the bottom 3!

the meh:
~Kellie - she sang Bohemian Rhapsody. "on paper?" are we still buying the dumb act? she seemed slightly possessed while she was singing and i wasn't a huge fan of her dry-humping the stage. but, it wasn't terrible. better than Constantine...
~Katharine - she sang Who Wants to Live Forever. the good news is that she's no longer looking pregnant. the bad news is that she can't get out of 1983. and she probably wasn't even born in 1983.

the bad:
~Bucky - he sang Fat-Bottomed Girls. mediocre at best.
~Ace - he sang We Will Rock You. did anyone else find it horribly uncomfortable watching how much queen didn't like ace? why did they even play that clip? not great. i'm afraid that we'll be seeing the last of king ace and the beanie...actually, he deserves to go home for wearing leather pants. ew. men should never. ever.

what i learned from watching Randy. If he begins his comments with “So check it out”, he liked your performance. If he starts with “Yo yo” or “What’s goin’ down?” you’re in trouble.

bottom 3? Bucky Ace and Katharine.
Going home? Ace.

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