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Friday, April 07, 2006
That's a Quality Problem AKA Survivor
~~Well, American idol had country night, and Survivor had a theme of its own - dumbass night:

dumbass #1 - oh, yes, front and center...that would be Terry. Why, oh why, didn't you simply give Austin the immunity idol IN SECRET, BEFORE TRIBAL COUNCIL? This would have sent Aras home. i don't think the idol will help him much anymore. maybe buy him an extra week if he doesn't win individual immunity.

dumbass #2 - Miss Danielle. Why, oh why, didn't you take Terry up on his offer? he was willing to GIVE you the immunity idol. that's huge (or yuge as the Donald would say)!! and Austin would NEVER vote her out now that they're exile island buddies.

dumbass #3 - that would be Austin. Why, oh why, do you blindly adore Terry, who just screwed you royally with his sheer ineptness at strategy?

dumbass #4 - Bruce. Wh, oh why, can't you see that your tribe doesn't like you. you've always been an outcast. face it.

dumbasses #5, #6, #7 - Shane and Courtney because they are annoying as anything. and Aras because he's a smug ass.

this season is becoming boring as hell.
now we'll have to wait...what...4 weeks to even see something interesting. next 3 weeks. sally, bruce, terry....then we'll get some drama. this is so annoying. i can't believe that their alliance of six has stayed so loyal. what the hell?

my vote is for a sally or cerie win. heck, she should win the whole damn thing for having to look at Shane's chafing bits. ew.

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