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Friday, March 31, 2006
False Advertising AKA Survivor

~~um, yeah, that was the worst "a survivor might have to leave the game" advertising ever! oh, boo hoo....Bruce gets a knife in his lip...
~~I think if Terry was going to give away the immunity idol, he should have done it this week, gotten Shane the ass kicked off, and then swayed Bruce over to their side. now they're down 6-3, they have no chance. the immunity idol won't help at this point. the rules of the immunity idol say that the person with the next most votes would have gone home. if he gave it to Nick, or lost the immunity challenge on purpose, Shane would have been given the boot. i think it's safe to say that Terry completely just gave up his shot at winning this game.
~~what the heck was Nick's speech all about? i'll miss looking at Nick. that sure was fun.
~~even though it was obvious who voted for Shane, i loved Jeff reading all four of Shane's votes first, just to see the look on his face and watch him squirm.

"Well, now aren't you Veronica Mars?" AKA OC

~~I love happy Ryan. Especially at breakfast, when Seth goes, "Dad, Ryan just smiled." Happy Ryan is super hot.
~~could i love Summer any more? she seriously rocks every scene that she's in. "Grow up, get over yourself, and take a shower." and "Oh, you're just the saddest girl in the world!" and "Julie Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts"
~~Marissa turns coke addict is so very Kelly Taylor, but i'm loving bad-girl Marissa without Ryan there to save her.
~~love love loved Seth and Summer: "I have a six pack" "Those are your ribs!"
~~love love loved Seth and Kirsten.
~~he! Julie and the Philipino maid.
~~Wait a sec? Did Seth just say "touch my pooper?" he did, didn't he? ew.

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