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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
of cars and comforts...
most people who know me know that I hate to do anything outside of my comfort zone.
i hate travelling.
i hate calling strangers on the phone.
i hate complaining about bad service.
and most of all, i hate taking my car in for service.
my anxiety about car servicing is two-fold.
firstly, i hate the whole business of it. where do i park my car? what do i tell them? what papers do i need? because i know little to no information about why i'm actually there, i always feel stupid.
like...why did you bring my car in today? um...i dunno...probably because my husband forced me to. well, what's wrong with the car? um...i dunno...the airbag light is on. can i see your ownership? that the green piece of paper?

and secondly, more importantly, i hate leaving my car and having to depend on other people. i feel naked and insecure for some reason when i leave my car at the dealership. what if i need to go somewhere? i'm at work. out in the middle of nowhere. without any transportation. what if there's an emergency at home? i can't very well come home with no car.
also, waiting for someone else to get you somewhere on time is a pet peeve of mine. i like to be on time. and i hate hate hate to be late. especially for work. when i only started 2 weeks ago. ultimately, though, i put my faith in the driver that he's going to get me there. but, if course, he took the other lady first. and i got to work at 9:08. which, really, isn't all that bad. but, i was annoyed, nonetheless. annoyed and naked.

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