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Monday, April 17, 2006
weird things
i've been tagged by Dawn.

6 weird things about me (rest assured, there are way way way more than 6. i believe this is clear to you since 2 out of my 6 involve drinking, and it's not even alcohol...) :

1. i blow my hair dry either completely naked or in a bra and underwear. always.
2. i only drink out of disposable containers. i cannot use a plastic cup (ew) or even a glass, even if i watched it come out of the dishwasher. oh, and once someone uses a cup of mine (including my children), i can't drink out of it again.
3. i don't drink enough during the day so when i get into bed at night, i open a water bottle, drink it, then fill it up about 4 more times and drink. and after that night, i will never use that water bottle again. but i won't throw it out, either. it will sit on my bedside table until someone else throws it away. and every night i use a new bottle, so sometimes there will be 4 or 5 before the husband finally tosses them.
4. i always think people are talking about me. if i ever see people whispering or talking near me, i know they are talking about me.
5. if i'm ever having trouble falling asleep, i sing the song "we didn't start the fire" in my head until i'm asleep. it always works and i've never gotten to the end.
6. when i was younger, i was obsessed with the book and the movie called, "Alex: the Life of a Child." it was about a girl who died of cystic fibrosis. obsessed. to the point where i wanted to change my name to Alex.

6 people i am tagging:

oh...and i ran this question by the husband. here's what he had to say. It's weird that i have to whip my head back when i have to swallow a pill. he's totally right. that's way weird and i always do that. i'm so bad at swallowing pills that i would prefer to drink liquid medicine over the pill form. and if i have to take antibiotics, i actually ask if it comes in chewable form. my gosh, i'm SUCH a loser!

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