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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
sex at the prom AKA Grey's Anatomy Finale
Oh my damn.
I don’t even know where to start.
Um, yeah, I guess I do.
Let’s start with the hottest sex on tv ever.
Or how about the looks. I think I would die if Patrick Dempsey was looking at me like that.
Okay…yes…i realize there will be people attacking me. Because Derek has been an ass all season. Derek has a wife. He picked Addison. He didn’t pick Meredith. He has a wife. Who he doesn’t love. He loves Meredith. And can’t say it. He can’t tell Addie that it’s over. He called Meredith a whore. Yes, yes. I know all the arguments. But I don’t freakin’ care. I’ve always wanted Derek and Meredith together. and it was super hot.

Yes, I realize I’m in the minority here. But I don’t really care.

The prom storyline was super duper cheese. But I’ll forgive Shonda, because holy crap, she delivered. There are just those little touches that truly amaze me. Like the chief allowing Cristina to run the other room so she wouldn’t see Burke. Incredible.
Bailey continues to rock. "What did you do with my suck ups?" her black and silver speech and her hypothetical situation. She’s kickass.
Denny gets himself a heart. He gets himself a fiancé. He finally gets to choose. And then he dies. And I saw it coming for miles. But it still broke my heart. He was finally starting to grow on me…. "I just tricked her into marrying me. How smart am I?"
Alex redeems himself. How is that even possible? He had me at his little sports analogy. But he had me in freakin’ tears when he picked Izzy up. Damnit.
Cristina. I hate you for leaving Burke all alone. But, I love that she’s finally showing some emotion. And that speech that she gave to the chief? She needs to give it to Burke. He needs to hear how she feels. Even if it will kill her.
Izzy quitting is too much of a cop out.
Don’t kill me. But I don’t hate Callie. The way she helped Meredith do up her dress. She was trying to help George’s family. It was touching.
Okay…also? Chris O’Donnell is HOT. And he has plans…

Is it bad that I’m ready for season 3. right now.

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