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Thursday, August 03, 2006
contests and prizes!!
well, if Nelly Furtado has crazy horse teeth and stringy hair in real life, then i saw her yesterday at the Starbucks at Yonge and Centre. I could have sworn it was her. anyway, i had ample time to stare and glare since the person i was meeting didn't show up. (don't worry...i'll forgive you this once. but, i skipped a waxing appointment to see you)

anyway, while i was sitting in starbucks, looking slightly ass-y because i was occupying a table for more than 40 minutes and not drinking anything, i got to thinking about today's post, which, is both a desperate plea for help, and a little contest for all of you. i promise there will be a prize. and who doesn't like prizes??!!!

so, (i know Stephanie, you hate sentences that start with so, but it's a sickness, i have, really) here's the deal.
i'm getting my blog the hell off of blogger. i realize that i should have done this ages ago, but, well, i've been lazy. and also, blogger doesn't take much work. anyone can use it.
so, (again), i'm moving it from blogger to wordpress. i know, i'm officially becoming a grown-up, and going to be hosted by dreamhost (because Becca recommended them, and her blog advice i take as gospel), and going to be getting a site re-design.

here's my dilemma. i can't come up with any ideas for what i want to do.
i've been so sick of "I Write, Therefore I Blog." i was stuck when i started this thing soooo long ago. way back in 2004. i'm also getting sick of the lady at the chair. her hands? what the hell is up with her hands? is she some sort of mutant? is she a burn victim? a podperson?

the husband came up with an idea that i like. "Memoirs of Alicia" and do something simple and japanes-y like. i kind of like this idea...but i've always felt that i'm Ali, and not Alicia. do i really want Alicia in the title?? is going a japanes-y route totally un-Ali??

so, here's my plea.
i need an idea. a title (and subtitle, perhaps) and some thoughts on what to do.
if i like yours best, you'll get credit, and a special prize. and i promise, it will be a good one :) you find me an idea. and thanks in advance.

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