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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Another New Year Resolution...
I hereby resolve NOT to recommend movies to anyone. ever again.

It's not that i think i have a particularly good or bad taste in movies, I just think that it's i really really personal thing. There are people who only like action movies - the shoot 'em up kind. There are some people who only like the sappy dramas. There are some people who only like comedies.

And then there's me. I like to think of my taste in movies are being unique. I am really into movies that are slightly off-beat...Garden State, Three Kings, Rushmore variety. There's something about these movies that are not just entertainment. They make you think on a level i think a lot of people are not capable of, or not interested in.

I also like old school teen angst movies...breakfast club, pretty in pink, dirty dancing. etc. these are just really good feelgood movies that make me think of my adolescence with a smile. i will never try to prove that they are deserving of oscars - the acting isn't top-notch and there are no special effects to speak of. but, i like them nonetheless.

I also like movies like back to the future and karate kid. they are oldies, but goodies.

I also like well-made, oscar caliber movies....the godfather, scarface-y types.

I also like old movies...breakfast at tiffany's, on the waterfront, gone with the wind. they are classics. and i love them.

i'm not crazy into big blockbuster movies....while i'll agree that lord of rings was amazing cinematography, the story bored me to tears. I can't get into the whole fantasy thing. a lot of movies like this just don't do it for me. and i'm also not crazy into the movies i'll call "saturday night live" movies, like a night at the roxbury and Superstar....think anything with Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Will Farrell etc. (not the good SNL alum...)there are, of course, exceptions to this rule. I loved Old School, and I think Happy Gilmore was hilarious.

so, it seems that every time i recommend a movie to someone, i am so nervous that they aren't going to like it (i sit through the movie watching them...hoping they will laugh at the things i find funny, and hoping they will "get" the things that there are to get) - even though going in, i should know that someone (like my friend URI) who is very into the saturday night live-no thinking movies is in no way going to appreciate an off-beat indy movie. And an all action person is not going to be able to sit through Pretty in Pink. clearly, i should take my audience into account. and i should realize that just because a movie is for me, it's not for everyone.

i will no longer recommend Garden State to anyone. i personally think it's a fantastic movie, but most of my friends didn't like it. i guess what it comes down to is this: if you don't appreciate its beauty, it's way over your head.

from now on, i'll keep my mouth shut, and just go with the flow. :) but if you make me sit through Anchorman, i won't feel badly telling you that it SUCKS ASS!

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