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Sunday, January 30, 2005
when it rains...
so, this weekend was the big Vegas trip. Far be it for me to come between my man and his 30th birthday Vegas trip. at the time, i didn't even think twice about it. of course, honey. go. go get hammered. and bet all our money. and stay up all night. and sleep until noon.

the truth is, as far as wives go, i'm pretty easy on my husband. i let him play all the hockey he wants. hell, if he wanted to play 4 times a week, i would let him. and i really didn't - and still don't - have a problem with him going to Vegas. honest.

it's just that me and luck have this oil and water kind of relationship. i do not mix well with luck. i am NEVER lucky. that's all there is to it.

so, naturally, the weekend that my husband leaves me from friday morning until tuesday night, my daughter decides to come down with some sort of mysterious illness, and my son decides that the terrible twos are long overdue and he's going to go full fledged into them now (and these involve crying, yelling, defiance, turning into a wet noodle every time i try to put his coat on...etc).

so, Emily tells me in the middle of the night on Friday night (and since there was no sleeping happening on friday all...i can't exactly pintpoint whether it was 1:00 am or 4:00 am) that she thinks she has the chicken pox again. what? so, as she's scratching her back, i remove her shirt and discover she's covered head to toe in a rash. terrific. i pull out all the toddler books, anything i can find. most say that if that rash is not accompanied by reason to be concerned. okay, so, emms has no fever, therefore ali has no cause for concern.

she was fine all day today. was actually quite well was her brother who was the troublemaker. and then at about 6:00, i noticed she was looking quite flushed, and just wasn't herself. i was at Sharon's house and she took her temp and it was 100.7. terrific. now it's time for the concern. rash + fever = concern. yippie-eye-oh!

she fell asleep on the 4 minute car ride home and didn't wake up when i took her jacket off and put her in bed.

i'm praying and hoping for the best tonight, but knowing me and luck, i'm expecting the worst...

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