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Monday, October 03, 2005
it was bound to happen. i should have known.
i gave the husband little to no sympathy when he was sick.
so, now that i'm sick,
he's not going to give me any!!!

it's typical me that before something big, i stress like a madwoman and then my body gives in and i get sick. so, i picked up this nasty untreatable (thanks to the nursing) cold combined with some nasty stomach thing.


i'm so thankful that i started my cooking like, oh, 3 weeks ago. otherwise, i'd be much more stressed than i already am.
i guess i do it to myself. i tend to go overboard when i'm having company. but, the truth is, i have a nanny at home and i'm not working. this is the one time i have no excuses and should go all out.

i made homemade challah. overboard? not really. it's something a lot of people do.
but, i made it into napkin rings. overboard? probably.

i made chicken. overboard? hardly.
but, i made it in a pasty with mashed potatoes and pastrami inside. and i made over 30 of them. overboard? definitely. but, in my defense, they are AMAZING.

i made cabbage rolls. overboard? nope.
but, i made chicken, and chicken soup, and brisket, and about 50 salads and side dishes, and 7 (yes, 7 - chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, chocolate chip squares, brownies, peanut butter/choc. swirl brownies, white chocolate chip cookies, lemon squares, pecan pie bars!!) different desserts, and cabbage rolls. overboard? most certainly.

so, you can feel bad for me that i can't eat anything and that i can't swallow or go for 30 seconds without coughing my brains out. but, you don't have to feel THAT bad for me. after all, my husband doesn't :)

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