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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
the blue power ranger fox
there is this concept on Passover of the Afikomen.
in our house, the children (i use this term loosely, because when it comes to this tradition, most of us stay children forever...) try to "steal" it and then when they have to give it back, bargain for something special.

this year, the girl asked for make-up. and canada's wonderland passes (for the whole family, of course) and for a movie (and anything to replace Raise Your Voice and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen will be a welcome pleasure around our house). the boy asked for winnie the pooh sunglasses, a spiderman bike and a blue power ranger fox. what's that you ask? exactly!

last night we went to toys r us.

emily got her make-up set. skippy. what this means for me is that my daughter will now look like she's been hit by Homer's make-up gun on a regular basis. great.
joshie opted for the cooler sunglasses. spongebob squarepants.
and he opted for the cooler bike - the one with the shocks and gears and all that jazz.
and then we tried to find the blue power ranger fox.

we found the power rangers.
green. check. red. check. pink. check. blue? nope.
we looked for foxes? nope.
what the heck is a power ranger fox anyway?
so he cried. and he cried. and he cried.

when we got to the car. he cried some more
"Why can't i watch my power ranger movie."
hold it.
"The blue power ranger fox is a movie?"
"Joshie, buddy? why didn't you say so when we were in the store?"
completely ignores us.
so, the husband goes back into toys r us and comes out with this. get it? blue. power ranger. fox.

* * * *

and i thought of two more weird things about myself.

1. i don't like to eat in front of people. at all. so this is a problem at work. sometimes i'll even wait until people are in meetings to eat. probably it's because i don't want anyone to see how crappy of an eater i am (yes, i realize that a slim fast bar and rice cake is not the healthiest of lunches). the only thing i am not uncomfortable eating in front of people is sushi. which, i think, is weird because it's not the most attractive of foods to eat. i'm pretty cloppy with my soy sauce and my mouth isn't big enough to fit around the whole piece so there are things flying all over and dropping. and this...for some STRANGE reason..doesn't bother me.

2. my friend told me a few years ago that she had a geographic tongue. and i had no clue what this was. it was kind of strange to look at, but so interesting. then, when i was pregnant with Isabella, i had one!! just out of the blue. spontaneous geography appeared on my tongue. and then i gave birth, and then it was gone. like Keyser Soze. weird, i tell you.

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