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Monday, April 24, 2006
the suburban shopping paradise AKA where the pretty people are
I spent the day yesterday with Ilana (and Isabella and Kayla in tow) at Sherway Gardens.
It was so nice. Would have been nicer had we not had the strollers with us…but, truth be told, Kayla slept the ENTIRE day and Isabella was pretty well-behaved, considering she didn’t sleep at all.
So, I’m discovering that stores with beautiful people (like Hollister and Abercrombie) are not meant for strollers. First of all, it’s almost pitch-black in Hollister, so dark that even if I didn’t have a stroller, I wouldn’t be able to see in front of me. Navigation was almost impossible. I was tempted to skip the out-the-door, around-the-store line-up for a fitting room and simply take my chances with the sizing. But, somehow, Ilana got a pink-polo’ed adorable dude to open up the giant change room for both of us.
On my way in, another pink-polo’ed, equally, if not more, adorable dude knocked into me, sending my coffee all over the floor. I raced into the change room quickly, before the next pink-polo’ed adorable dude (noticing a theme here?) had to come and clean up the mess. Embarrassing. To say the least.
But, at least I was able to get some clothing – including – yes, you guessed it, a pink polo. I couldn’t resist. And you know what? It was totally worth the 30 minute line-up to pay for it.

also? a walked in on someone in the bathroom, which was, for some strange reason, much more embarssing for me than it was for her. and i saw a man walk out of the bathroom with a 3-foot long piece of toilet paper attached to his cowboy boot. poor, poor guy. people were actually pointing and staring. had i any balls, i would have told him. but, alas, i'm a big red chicken.

also? ilana found an orange thong in her downstairs bathroom. if these belong to you, she's more than happy to return them. no, i'm not joking.

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