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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
on time
i'm am chronically on time.
personally, i don't think this is a problem.

i hate to be late.
i hate to be early.

i have little tolerance for people who are really late.
(except for Jack and Ilana :) )
well, i take it back. i don't like when people are late when they are meeting me. like at a restaurant or for a movie or something.
it makes it seem like they don't think my time is important.
and then i look like an ass sitting around and waiting by myself.
if i tell someone i'll meet them at, let's say, 4:00. i'm there are 4:01, or 4:03, even 4:05. i wouldn't show up at 4:17. (well...certainly not without a phone call and a really good excuse)
also, i feel like late people, in general, are just poor predictors of how long things actually take.
i remember a friend once said to me, "i just have to pick up my kid, and stop at Sobey's to buy hamburger buns and then get gas. i'll be there in 5 minutes." 5 minutes, my ass. there's no way she could have possibly accomplished even one of those tasks in 5 minutes. so, in my head i just hear, "i'll be there in 35 minutes".

my family, on the other hand, is chronically early.
my husband is chronically early.
drives me BATTY.
flights. dinner reservations. everything.
i've spent my entire life trying to slow people down. telling them to relax.
we don't need to leave to take the kids to camp at 9:15 when it's a 3 minute drive and camp doesn't start until 9:45.
no, Jerry, you don't need to leave at 2:00 for your 3:00 massage, when the place is 15 minutes away.
you can see where i'm going here, right?

on tuesday night we had 7:30 dinner reservations. i thought we should probably leave around 7 and we'd have plenty of time to drive down to eglinton. when i got home from work, my mom suggested that we leave at 5:30.
no, i'm not kidding.
so, i humored her and figured we'd get down there and spend some time at the cute shops down there. there's this store i adore called Oink, Oink. it's really all kinds of adorable.
what i didn't know, however, was that the stores on Eglinton close at 6. so, we got there about 3 minutes before everything closed, with an hour and a half to kill before dinner.
we parked our butts at starbucks and spent over an hour there. waiting.

i spend a lot of time waiting. waiting for people who are late.
and waiting with people who are early.

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